New Dropbox update for iOS allows to configure desktop settings using the iPhone’s camera


img_0442Dropbox has released an update for the mobile client, the purpose of which was to improve usability. The new version simplifies ordering watchlist and lets user set customized client on the desktop computer with the iPhone camera. Also the program has added support for Danish, Dutch, Thai, Swedish and performance improvements, developers fixed a number of errors. However, the most interesting feature is the option to install Dropbox-client updates  on a PC using the iPhone camera or iPad.

Now, to download Dropbox on a new computer, simply go to and download the software. Mobile client will offer the camera to monitor where there will be a special bar code, then the browser will automatically begin downloading customized desktop version of Dropbox.


In the last major update, we recall that Dropbox removed  all graphic elements inherent in iOS 6 from the program. As a substrate, which shows stored in the cloud content now appears bright plain background. Other design elements of Dropbox includes buttons, icons and fonts were also aligned with the “flat”  iOS 7 style.

Changes in Dropbox is on both design and functional features. As for the nternal improvements, it is worth noting that it upport  AirDrop technology. This means that the Dropbox contents can easily pass from one iPhone or iPad to another. And users can save the videos in the iOS library and export documents and files to other applications.

Dropbox for iOS takes advantage of online services and traditional applications. If you work on another computer, you can access your files via the  web interface. On the other hand, to work with files on your computer, you don’t need access to the Internet, the  network is used only for synchronization. The iPhone and iPad app allows users to add files to favorites – keep in memory.

Dropbox 3.2 for iOS changes:

  • Organize Favorites, holding press.
  • Install Dropbox on your computer with the camera.
  • Now when you import files Dropbox remembers previous location.
  • Improved Accessibility.
  • Added support for Danish, Dutch, Thai and Swedish.
  • Fix some bugs and improved performance.

As before,  Dropbox for iOS 7 has an auto upload of images and video to the cloud using Wi-Fi network or 3G network. However,  at the first startup,  Dropbox provides an additional 500 MB of disk space that can be expanded to 3 GB, 500 MB bonus on subsequent boots.

Dropbox 3.2 for iOS devices can be downloaded free from the App Store and is only compatible with iOS 7.

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