Slowly however certainly seem increasingly rumors concerning the future Apple smartphone presumably to be known as the iPhone 5.  Recently, the first Apple components that apperared online was discovered the analysts give their speculative views known at certain intervals.Although the various speculation about a summer launch of the new iPhones in circulation, at the moment all signs indicate that Apple maintains the rhythm and the new next-generation iPhone launches in the fall.

Not only the current development situation of the mobile operating system, suggesting a later sale, but also the suppliers have already published sales plans, which are expected to attend in the fall of greater sales.

Specifically, has supplier TriQuint Semiconductor, which manufactures, among other things for the iPhone and iPad Circuits, commented that it is in this quarter, a drop in sales of up to 19 percent expected.Here, the CEO of TriQuint Ralph Quinsey to blame for its largest customers was looking for, who ordered at the moment only the normal quota.In the third quarter, but is this all about to change again and a large order to ensure revenue improvements.

The mass production for the iPhone 5 could probably begin in late summer and the company would have been at this time to provide larger quantities Foxconn to propel the production forward.Accordingly, the statement would fit on the CEO and confirm that this year the new Apple iPhone will be put out in the fall. 

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