Pod2g, the hacker who’s speaking lots today for his make the most to jailbreak the units iPhone four/ iPod Contact 4G, has introduced that it found out a brand new take advantage of low-stage unique to the iPod Contact 2G and non-MC-MC. 


This means that the device referred to a device becomes Pwned, with like forever jailbreakiPhone 3G with bootrom old.

The exploit called usb_control_msg (0xA1, 1) is different from SHatter  discovered days ago.

From The iPhone Wiki:

A heap overflow exists in the iPod touch 2G (both old and new) bootrom’s DFU Mode when sending a USB control message of request type 0xA1, request 0×1.

On newer devices, the same USB message triggers a double free() when the image upload is marked as finished, also rebooting the device (but that’s not exploitable because the double free() happens in a row). posixninja analyzed and explained this one.

Apparently, the new exploit will be used in a module of the tool Sn0wbreeze 2.0 that will make jailbreaking the iPod Touch 2G MC.


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