New FreedomPop’s SIM gives you unlimited WhatsApp usage



Hundreds of minutes and 200MB of mobile calls, WhatsApp consumption and 200 free messages per month. This is the free offer that the company Freedompop has been presented in our country after the triumph in USA and UK.

According to Stephen Stokols, CEO of FreedomPop “For us, mobile access is a right and not a privilege. That is why we are committed to offer basic mobile service 100% free and work to get a market with free unlimited data”.

The procedure to start working with this new operator is easy. You only have to buy a SIM card and insert FreedomPop on your Android or iOS phone. At that time, the operator shall subsidize the data consumed by WhasApp, which in turn will provide 200 MB of additional data, 100 minutes of voice calls and 300 SMS monthly.

At launch promotion, the company has announced it will offer its users 2Gb of data and unlimited consumption both as text and WhatsApp calls in its first month. The SIM will provide roaming service that will work with the same conditions in 25 countries, which will include: USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Portugal, for the promotion and months.


This completely free rate, has a complement to other payment, which are up to 50% cheaper than other rates of competition.  This system has allowed the company to sustain its one million users with a percentage of more than 50% pay premium services, this being the main source of the service. The company will begin later this summer selling low-cost Android devices. Besides that smartphones have a high penetration in Spain and the upward trend in the costs of data that has the Spanish market it makes consumers want to have a free mobile service. The SIM is available at

(Source: FreedomPop)

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