New HTC One (M8) camera quality compared to the iPhone 5s


HTC-One-iPhone-5s-1Last week, HTC has introduced a new generation of its popular Android flagship. Design and specifications of the HTC One (M8) did not bring any surprises , however, raising the question of whether the new Taiwan will be able to compete with the product iPhone 5s. One of the main issues of interest of potential buyers of new items – how well the HTC One takes photos and videos .

According to the description of the model , HTC One (M8) was one of the most advanced functionality for cameras with a resolution of 4 megapixels, technology UltraPixel, f2.0 aperture and optical image stabilization . In addition, the next there was a second camera: manufacturer calls JavaScript Duo Camera. This is not a camera in the traditional sense, but the depth of the sensor , allowing the smartphone to do some interesting tricks : for example , to blur the background in view of objects or change the focus point in the spirit of Lytro. iPhone 5s, in turn, has an 8 megapixel camera. Compared with its predecessor , the sensor became more smartphone by 15% , and optics has an aperture F2.2.

The new HTC one has some technical features that are  inferior from the latest Apple smartphone , but the camera seemed to advantage on her side. However, observers resource iMore claim otherwise. They conducted a large-scale testing, the results of which have made an unequivocal conclusion : iPhone 5s in most cases superior to shooting HTC One (M8) with feature Duo Camera.

Almost all tests of photos taken on the camera iPhone 5s, better than pictures from the HTC smartphone. Footage of Apple’s smartphone is better dynamic range , color accuracy , noise level in 99.9 % of cases , says the iMore. HTC One competitor loses even in the most simple test , such as the choice of exposure. ” One M8 Dual Camera allows you to make various” cool ” things with photos , but HTC, adding all these ” chips ” , completely forgot about the camera is the main parameter – quality footage ” – concluded observers .

Comparative photographs iPhone 5s ( left) and HTC One (M8) ( right):



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