New Images Show iPhone 7 with Dual-Lens Camera And 256GB Storage


iPhone-7-mainAlthough nothing is confirmed until its presentation, it seems we already know what the iPhone 7 and one of the most interesting developments is the dual camera that will only be present in the iPhone 7 Plus.


OnLeaks Twitter account is leaking more components of the next iPhone. A couple days ago,  NoWhereElse leaked some new images in which we see two camera modules, one with two lenses, which are supposed to be for the iPhone 7 Plus / Pro, and one with a lens, all it seems to indicate that is the model used for 4.7 inches. But the images also include another interesting component: the storage memories.


At this point, assuming that the images are real, we must give the same bad news in all the years: the entry model will continue with 16GB memory, although we always hope that these are memories that are testing on test devices. What it does is virtually certain to be available is the 64GB model, but the images also show a much larger memory that has not been available until now: 256GB storage memory.


As for the cameras, the most prominent new feature that I see in the pictures is that they have also included a camera module with a single lens, confirming that only the Plus / Pro model will feature a special camera. In any case, Mac Otakara said the two models will feature optical image stabilizer (OIS), although it did in a report in which he claimed that none of the two models include the Smart Connector, which contradicts the latest leaks. In September we will see who has accurately predicted.

(via Steven Hemmerstoffer).

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