Increasingly is becoming less for the iPhone 6 is officially presented and finally becomes a reality, and it shows in the amount of rumors and leaks that arise through the network. We have a few days where the drip is growing rumors, which sound with great force. The last thing has come to the network are a series of new images comparing a supposed iPhone 6 4.7-inch gray with an iPhone 5.

It is expected that the iPhone 6 will bring about significant changes, including an increase of the screen and a redesign of the exterior of the device. Now, thanks to these images published by the Asian Yaya888 web, we can see the main differences would be in the design of both generations of Apple’s smartphone.

If the rumors are true, Sept. 9 would take place in which Apple Keynote presented two versions of the iPhone 6, but until then continue to see rumors and leaks through which we can get an idea how can this smartphone.

What differentiates the design of iPhone 5 and iPhone 6?

As we see in these images, the iPhone 6 would have some important differences from the iPhone 5, although we can not assure 100% concerned a real and iPhone 6 may be variations in the final design of the device. That said we will analyze these images to see how they differ both smartphones.

If you look at the back, both devices would be made ​​of aluminum, but if there’s one thing that strikes us is that the camera of iPhone 6 protrude slightly. On the other hand, I must say that the design of the new upcoming Apple smartphone is to have more rounded edges and a lot thinner than the thickness of the iPhone 5.

As for the button layout, we see how the power button would be located on the right side of the device to enhance their press, especially for small hands, and that the increased size of the device could hinder its use with a single hand.

On the other side of the iPhone 6 we find the volume buttons, which instead of being round like the iPhone 5 would be elongated. Finally, the bottom side would have the headphone jack, speaker and Lightning connector.

Other features of the iPhone 6

A few days ago we told that China Telecom had publicly announced the arrival of the iPhone 6, in addition to making public some of its features. Meanwhile, from 9to5Mac bet on the 9th day of presentation as iPhone 6, date to recognize that sounds too hard on the network.

But besides these design changes, it is noteworthy that improvements are also expected inside. From the new A8 chip, a  larger battery, higher quality camera, Enhanced Touch ID and could even integrate a Super Retina display on the 5.5-inch model.

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