New iOS 8 Concept shows improved Notification center widget



Introduced at the 2013 WWDC,  Apple revealed a new feature with the iOS 7 firmware including control point . Transparent panel with ground glass called from anywhere and provides a quick access to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, screen brightness, music , settings, and other frequently used functions.

Within the concept of iOS 8 designer Ryan Glisdorf introduced the method of implementation of widgets for Point management operating system. He suggested adding a special section in the settings that will manage widgets – add new swap current , disable unnecessary . Similar functionality is currently only available for jailbroken devices through informal applications such FlipControlCenter, CCSystemStatus, CCQuick, CCControls and others.


In addition to the system designer widgets offered a number of options for managing icons iOS 8 applications. So , with the help of sliders , the user can easily change the radius of the icons change color icons , disable signature.

Another finding Ryan – sign panel for quick access to applications . Swipe the screen from bottom to top is called a special panel on which you can draw letters . For example, if drawing S to open Safari browser, T – Twitter client, C – calculator , etc. Configuring gestures and commands executed iOs 8 in a separate menu.

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