Apple's new iPad was a striking claim the scene as you see in the attached photo. According to the well-watched keynote presentation, the processor chip of the new iPad, A5X, four times faster than its major competitor, which is mainly used in Android tablet, the Nvidia Tegra 3 processor. A few days ago, Nvidia criticized Apple for not providing evidence or explanations when the new iPad was announced its processor A5X was four times more powerful than the Nvidia Tegra 3. Just to check what Apple had said, the website Laptop Mag has had the excellent idea to compare the two processors .  

LaptopMag perform the test by looking  at many elements as possible, to have a comparison as complete as possible. Of course the new iPad won against the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer model that has a Nvidia Tegra 3,  Award with 60 FPS 53 FPS cons. 
Same conclusion regarding the test geometry, or iPad shines with 57 FPS 27 FPS cons. However, Geekbench test, which measures the raw power of the unit, Tegra 3 was more potent than A5X with a score of 1571 against 692. This result is confirmed, tablet in hand, with the comparison video between two identical securities. As can be seen on the new iPad, the v
isuals are prettier thanks to the colors displayed on the screen Retina. 

 However, in terms of modeling, Tegra 3 outperforms significantly A5X with more refined details. The comparison is difficult since they are visually almost identical titles, portages required, but the fact remains that these small differences are enough to confirm that Tegra 3 may actually be significantly more potent than A5X of Apple, which also has many qualities, primarily related to its Retina display accurate Laptop Mag, but also won several tests, including the timeliness of Javascript example.

It's difficult to say that emerges winner of this comparison. It may not be until the securities most demanding graphics to see a real difference between the two media and verify the promises Apple. At present at least, it seems impossible to crown a champion in that each of the two processors has its strengths and weaknesses, and the affirmation of Apple regarding its processor A5X four times more powerful than Tegra 3 seems in any case totally wrong.

A general conclusion, which of the two processors is better, does not attract. Generally falls to the raw processing power of the Nvidia Tegra 3 processor is much better than the A5X chipset. The iPad 3 with dual-core processor A5X is hereby totally outclassed by the Prime Transformer with quad-core processor Nvidia.

Looking at the processor in conjunction with the hardware and software, we can conclude that Apple is much better able to achieve a good integration between the processor and the hardware and software. The effectiveness of this integration is evident in the first benchmark, demonstrating that the quad-core processor with 12 GPU cores are wiped out by a dual-core processor with 4 GPU cores to graphics.


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