New iPad 5 to be launched on June 18


iPad 5

A brand new information has been conveyed to the release of the iPad 5-a, this time the source is not an analyst or trader, but an envelope manufacturer.

The service Tactus got the embedded images leaked. At the same time the source has said the release date June 18 2013, it might be ready. Thus, the iPad falls 5 in WWDC 2013 with purely. Determine if there will be presented the second iPad mini, but leaves open the component producers.

The iPhone 5 will be thinner and much lighter. Moreover, it takes trains from the small tablet. For example, the speakers may be displaced downwards. In the picture below, a comparison of the case of the fifth (left) and the current fourth is visible (right) iPads.

iPad 5

At WWDC 2013 additionally iOS 7 and OS X 10.9 is anticipated. New Macs may additionally hit. Even an iPhone 5 unencumber has been speculated that the expectations can shoot into the air.

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