New iPhone 4 Ads about the the iTunes and App Store


Apple launched two new advertisements for the iPhone four in July. The two were part of a longer series with the slogan "If you do not have an iPhone". It was made ​​clear what you should not miss if you have an iPhone as mobile device. Two new ads in this series set the trend continued: the first explains what you should not miss iPod and iTunes Store on your phone, while the second outlines a world without App Store.


Until the next Apple smartphone, the iPhone is still the fourth generation to go to our screens. Proof of this is two new commercials have just been launched by the American firm … or so Apple would have us believe. In it a closer look at the two videos, we realize that we already know. However, there are many changes: the end. Moving from a "If You Do not have an iPhone, well, you Do not have an iPhone" to "Just one more thing That year Makes iPhone iPhone year."




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