New iPhone 4S found in iTunes beta version


There may be so much debate what form of instrument (s) it’s going to be introduced subsequent Tuesday. However a tool will also be nearly sure: the iPhone 4S comes! The previous day you need to examine a new beta version of iTunes, for developers. A little deeper digging into the code of iTunes yielded an interesting discovery: the iPhone is called 4S .


 There's even a picture to show, strongly reminiscent of the CDMA version of the iPhone 4. Rumors that the next iPhone will look radically different, are now increasingly unlikely.

Of course it is also possible that a picture of the Apple iPhone 4 CDMA is used as filling, until the new iPhone is unveiled. However, many websites make sure that the iPhone will 4S little different from the current iPhone. There are only two links in iTunes versions of the iPhone 4S: black and white. For the iPhone 4 there were four versions: a black and white version and a GSM-CDMA black and white version. It could signal a world phone, with both the new iPhone on the GSM network (common in Europe) and on the CDMA network (espe
cially in the U.S.) to use.


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