Attention-grabbing, the site website online posted 4 leaked images of what’s believed to be the brand new iPhone 5 prototype. To start with look it seems to be an extraordinarily actual and might be the ultimate unit to be very an identical. What special about these photographs?  A model of the IOS board that doesn’t appear to be the primary beta model of iOS 6 model however the present iOS 5, by looking at the  Maps application icon. 

Another small detail: while the pictures are published on an Asian site, this prototype, it is connected to the  AT&T network. 
Apple would he voluntarily left fuiter these photos to any Asian sources? There would be a short step to think so … Unless this is rather an engineer at Apple who made ​​arrangements to this site from Asia in order to supplement his income …


Otherwise, the prototype design is consistent with recently published pictures. It has in turn a rear face and provided with two coatings on its front face, the location of the camera is also now located on top of the earpiece.


Difficult to see if this is definitely a 4-inch screen size"which is integrated. Anyway, the space for the Home button is reduced significantly for this purpose. Another similarity with recent published photos, this prototype has a small dock connector at the bottom of the unit with two audio zones with holes, accompanied connector 3.5mm who sees thus its location changed .


Another detail, the LED flash is located further to the right picture of the connector.

No one knows if these published photos show a prototype of the fifth generation iPhone or not.  In fact, these images show great similarity with in recent months emerged photos and also meet the technical specifications . They seem to confirm about the often expressed hope that the next generation  iPhone will be taller and have a larger displayis a fullThe same applies to details such as the speaker hole (hole instead of metal mesh), a small dock connector and the back side of metal. The above photos are fake. Created by Martin uit Utrecht on flickr


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