For a while now, speculative design of next-generation iPhone buzzes through the Internet, which already by various concepts , as well as 3D rendering and visualization was brought forth in the Apple community, both critical and positive opinions. The controversial design is now again confirmed by another source and GottaBeMobile photos show a sample copy for engineers, which has the new form-factor and the main features of the case.


The measurements also confirm the rumors that arose several times a länglicheres smartphone from the California home. The width of the current iPhone is largely retained and the changes will mainly go to the length vonstatten. To obstruct the larger display in the new iPhone, the length of 11.52 inches to date to more than 12 cm is raised. Thus, in terms of dimensions reflect only minor changes, but the next generation will also have a thinn
er profile and include at least a 4-inch display.


But not only the general design will change when the new iPhone, but also the positioning of the various external components. So shall the FaceTime camera to be centered and the headphone jack is also to be shipped to the lower end. In addition, Apple will likely introduce also a smaller dock connector with the sixth-generation iPhone, and thus produce eddies in a neat accessory market.

Given the time constellation design could also be a mistake cleverly staged by Apple to run the rumor mill on the wrong track, and c
reate a media hype in the blogosphere. Also copy the pattern seems maybe just a casting mold for the many hull manufacturers and represent the basis of the current situation has created rumors. It is of course still uncertain whether this design will prove to be true, but Apple needs to conjure up a hit this year from his sleeve, to defend themselves against the rising competition.

For a better comparison, here again, the 3-D renderings of the alleged iPhone design:


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