New iPhone 5 photos – thinner profile, changing buttons and high-resolution camera


No longer a day goes by way of with out new parts of the brand new Apple smartphone.At present, virtually day by day, new proof of alleged capabilities and designs of the brand new technology iPhone.&#a hundred and sixty;It is rather tough to separate the chaff from the wheat and get during the many conflicting reviews an correct image.&#a hundred and sixty;Subsequently, you will have to imagine the next images with indulgence.


The Greek site Greek-iPhone has today published a collection of photos, claiming one of the images a high resolution camera with LED flash is. So far the site has not yet had an accurate rate regarding previous Apple rumors, because the camera module is clearly different when you compare it with the iPhone 4. The new camera is around, a bit thinner and has said more megapixels. The module is marked as either 00 094 C6/11291 BB.

The page has additionally published the audio cable, suggest that a thinner design and shows a new arrangement allows the iPhone 5 buttons. The following image of the "new" mute switch is shown.


The lower images show the audio cable into the headphone jack, as well as the silent switch and volume buttons. If you something on in the picture? The volume buttons are positioned on the right and left is no longer on the page. Could perhaps also some of the components shown for a new iPod Touch to be built or an alternative for a smaller iPhone model, which currently has the codename N97. The device should be smaller than the iPhone 4, however, include an edge-to-edge display. This rumor is based on this Wall Street Journal article .

Yesterday alleged iPhone 5 parts were DigiTimes and published. Both sources have spoken of a future iPhone that has the same display size and iPhone 4 instead of the glass back wall gets a metal housing. Other sources of rumors and contradictory and fails to do so on two different iPhone models back. Currently, the speculative sales start on the 7thPre-orders placed in October and are already on September 30th.

We'll keep you up to date and of course continue to try new experiences, a better picture of him or them to get iPhone's future.

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