As Apple's alleged iPhone adventure on September 12 tactics, more and more photos of possible iPhone 5 elements on-line. Subsequently Apple.professional now by means of Photobucket  put collectively photos of what a secured virtually utterly front panel of the new iPhone. In the panel are among others the camera and the home but
ton attached. The screen itself looks behind a protective shield to be placed.

The photos reveal no major additions that we have seen in previous parts pictures had not yet seen. However, they are of interest for several reasons. Because all components neatly together seem to fit, come many rumors again in the photos together. In addition, the number of parts pictures significantly increase. As more and more sites the components in hands able to get, would the production of the iPhone has progressed can be.

Although all hardwareleaks together a credible whole, we need to see if the parts for the new iPhone really meant. We know this is not certain when the new Apple iPhone officially explained does. More and more signs indicate that this will happen on September 12, 2012.[via MacRumors]

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