New iPhone 5C guide and circumstances leaked



Manufacturers of accessories for mobile devices are often unaware of the release date of the new iPhone, the same applies to the appearance of  “Apple” new products . However, in today’s highly competitive world of case -makers are willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars to develop cases that may have absolutely nothing to do with the future iPhone. Spend to the first release to market their products.

Sometimes manufacturers still have their own power in Asia, which provide them with the necessary information about the structural features of the preparation for release models. For example , the company Case-Mate unveiled photos of its new cases for iPhone 5C and announced the start date of smartphone sales .


The company announced several types of covers : one in the style of ” bumper “, the second – in the form of a full containment of the back cover iPhone 5C. In addition to the designated manufacturer of carrying cases the date of the start of sales of new smartphones Apple: September 20, 2013 at 17:00 Moscow time .

What does this mean ? At least that case -maker has confirmed the long-known date for the launch of new iPhone. Also indicated the exact time, but this does not mean that Case-Mate knows more than we do . Too many rumors and conjectures have been put forward in recent years. Therefore, to judge the veracity of any statements difficult.


For extra details about the presentation of iPhone 5C/5S will likely be recognized almost definitely as early as this week. In step with sources , the adventure will happen per week later, on September 10.

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