The web site iLounge nowadays has some shocking rumors. Even supposing time there’s no affirmation in regards to the metallic housing or NFC, however new important points that we’ve got no longer up to now heard. So predict the dependable informant from iLounge that the next iPhone will not get a 19-pin connector, but an 8-pin connector.

It will be more innovations as the possibility in both directions to connect to a dock, like the MagSafe. Another rumor is that the next iPhone will use a Bluetooth 4.0 to connect.

The iPod nano will also be given an update with support for Bluetooth 4.0. Possible applications are a smart watch, with informations from the iPhone. You get iMessages and voice memos right on your phone. Also, you might even be
able to start phone calls from your iPod nano, provided your earplugs put into it.

According to iLounge's sources, the iPod nano include Bluetooth 4.0 support and will get the iOS 6. Another striking detail is that Apple  new iPhone will not have a  19-pin dock connector. We are not sure about what Apple really intends to do but many reliable websites already confirmed that Apple will hold an event on September 12. One source claims That the new connector will feature other design innovations, Potentially Including the ability to be connected to docks and cables in either orientation (like MagSafe), but the other source Could not confirm this or additional changes we've heard about; consequently , we consider other changes "quite possible" but uncertain.

With the iPod nano bluetooth 4.0 paired  with a Mac or iPhone, you can also start a conversation from those devices. Also handy is that you can work out with the iPod nano on your wrist. You must remain within range of the Bluetooth connection. Apple is the first manufacturer to integrate the Bluetooth 4.0 in a smartphone, so the next step with this technology is not so strange. Bluetooth 4.0 is energy efficient and therefore very suitable for small accessories such as an iPod nano watch.

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