New iPhone 7 Concept With Camera Sensor [Video]



Designer Martin Hajek created a new concept on the demand for ComputerBild, based on the rumors of the moment. Among them, one can speak of dual camera sensor, integration of Touch ID button on the screen, the illuminated logo on the back, the edge to edge screen. .

Past experience has proven that the customer is the design by far the most important. If the exterior of the smartphone does not change, the interest wanes significantly – although so far every S model was a success. For the successor to the incredibly successful iPhone 6 is two to three modification options offer outright: Although the camera makes for enormous good pictures, should at a iPhone but do not protrude from the housing.

This interferes with the feel and looks ugly. One solution to this problem would be a slightly thicker body, which not only the lens takes place, but also a larger battery. The fact is consumed quickly at least the 4.7-inch model and intensive use. In addition, the outer keys could be better placed: Many users operate instead of standby or volume unintentionally the opposite key, since they usually serves as a counterpoint. If the standby button, for example, at the level of the SIM card, Apple would have solved the problem.

The concept is original and very successful. Provided that Apple offers us something really different again this year …

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