The next iPhone will not be a 30-pin connector, but this exchange for a smaller 19-pin connector. This enables TechCrunch based on three different manufacturers. This new connection would be about as large as the Thunderbolt port on the MacBook. The site MobileFun now has a drawing of the potential new iPhone got owned, which indicated that he will be 7.6 millimeters thick. A lot thinner than the 9.3 millimeter
r of the iPhone 4S.


The rumors about a smaller dock connector have been playing longer. In earlier pictures and a video was a possible back of the new iPhone.
ige connector was added. 
Earlier sources also pointed out already that Apple would choose for a new connection.

The claim of TechCrunch makes more likely the smaller connector: the site has more often been right for Apple rumors. In addition, we now know that about a third of the connector pin from the connector are met. Interestingly, because the connector for photos with more than a third seems to have shrunk.




A new dock connector would provide more space inside the iPhone for other parts. In contrast, iPhone users with multiple iDevices two cables must be used instead of a universal cable for all iPhones, iPods and iPads. Apple will probably have the new connector over time in all new device.

MobileFun’s drawing of the new iPhone is not the first that pops up: end of May there was another schematic illustration of the same model over. This new drawing are the exact dimensions of the new iPhone to read, so we know he must be 7.6 millimeters thick. This is thinner than previous iPhones. We just do not know how reliable source MobileFun’s exact: The site could only have talked to a manufacturer, having got hold of the basic design would make iPhone cases. The dimensions of the new iPhone would just be based on the previously leaked back.

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