New iPod contact codename N78 options to have a big reveal


Ahead of Apple media press experience in regards to the iPhone 5 which is a little less than a day, there are more and more rumors surfacing about what products that will surprise us tomorrow. About the iPod Touch has a code number known models – N78, but that was not the end. Mark Gourman with 9to5mac and developer Will Strafach confirmed the model and presented some characteristics of a new player.

New iPod touch

According to the latest rumors, the new iPod Touch screen will get increased to 4-inch with a resolution of 1136×640, then there will be exactly the same as in the new iPhone 5 but not as powerful as the headset. But the processor in the new player will be a bit weaker – S5L8942X, not S5L8950X, both in the iPhone 5. Information that the new iPod Touch will screen to be wider has appeared several times, so that now there was further confirmation of the fact that the proportion of the new Touch Screen has a ratio of 16:9. Speaking of prices, Mark Gourmet stated that the initial cost of the new iPod Touch will be $200 as usual.

Besides already known code names of the other players, Apple: iPod Shuffle called N12B, and Nano – N31. Both players will be available in 8 colors. [via iMore]

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