New iPods To Be Introduced on September 12 By Apple


Are you searching for a brand new iPod? You’re ready except September 12 as Apple will presented a brand new iPhone 5 along with a possible new version of iPods.

9to5Mac reports that Apple will also update three iPod models during this event. According to the website, it seems at least that the iPod Nano and Shuffle will be updated, while the third model may be a new iPod Touch could be.

This iPod models will be available in m
ultiple colors, one of the models will also be available in two different sizes, while the other two models no choice in storage.

Current iPod Nano and Shuffle are both also available in different colors and also with the iPod Nano have the possiblility of having storage something which is not the case with the Shuffle. It is therefore to be expected that the new iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle will be revealed.

There is also a possibility that a third model will be updated, this model will be available in several colors. As of now, the current iPod Touch model is available in two colors and in 8GB, 32GB or 64GB. The expectation is not that the iPod Touch will be available in several colors.

Personally, I expect the Apple iPod Touch to have a larger screen display as it will be the case with the iPhone 5, but Apple has managed to surprise us more often. There are rumors that Apple iPod Touch is to feature a 4-inch screen in development with the hardware of the iPhone 4S.

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