New jailbreak tool for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 Untethered Jailbreak?


Up to now it used to be assumed that the approaching Untethered jailbreak for the iPhone and the iPad 2 4S on hand within the jailbreak instruments can be built-in. Therefore may the numerous customers acquainted instruments and GreenP0ison use redsn0w to equip their gadgets with a jailbreak. In keeping with the newest data, alternatively, a brand new jailbreak device is developed. 


From the collaboration of many developers will probably emerge a new software and support the Untethered Jailbreak for IOS devices with an A5 processor.


On this day, again became a status update from Planet Being on Twitter announced. According to the developer, originally from Germany Pimskeks from his Chronic Dev Team for the development of a new jailbreak tools responsible. At the moment the development is in full swing, but could not yet be completed.

usbmuxd maintainer and contributor libimobiledevice @ pimskeks is who is writing the actual primar jailbreak app, Which is not done yet.

The question is, however, whether an existing jailbreak tool is only adjusted accordingly, or a completely new software is created. An adaptation of GreenP0ison is at the present time and would likely cause less effort from the designers.

From this information we can gather also that the jailbreak is currently not being published. Because without an appropriate jailbreak tool for the Mac and Windows Jailbreak is not released to the public.

We will of course continue to pursue further development of the jailbreak and report on emerging news about appropriate. Will be published if the Untethered Jailbreak for the two devices, we will also provide guidance for the conduct.


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