9to5Machave once again new inside information from Mr. X can win and get to know about upcoming MacBook Pro devices.Through the information it gives new clues about the fact that Apple will update to match the Christmas season to bring his MacBook Pro series and the new devices might already next month on the market.


 A clear sign of the declining stocks of the current model, which are currently not visible from the Apple Online Store, but already in the distribution channels are noticeable.There are also tangible evidence of the rumor, because even in the new Apple product system model numbers appeared to encourage the above-mentioned references.

Exactly how far Apple is two 13 "MBP, two 15" MBP and offer a 17 "MBP and have the same design as the current model.The new MacBook Pro devices will this year receive a processor update and possibly Bluetooth 4.0.Next year, a major update with design changes to the plan will be available.From the new model numbers for the upcoming MacBook Pro family K90IA (13-inch), K91A (15-inch) and K92A (17-inch) one can deduce that this is to act as mentioned above, only a minor update is.


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