According to a new report published by some iOS users, in Japan some criminals have realized that malicious app would conduct a small, great fraud against customers Apple; and unfortunately the danger lies not only on jailbroken iOS devices, but also on non-jailbroken.

The release OTA application for iOS is not anything new, at least within the business sector. However, some hackers have used the system to infiltrate Apple devices and to further a fraud that threatens to scare and dropping many users. To discover the presence of a new malicious app by Symantec, that said they had identified in the app in question can be a threat to all iPhone and iPad users, including those who did not perform the jailbreak.

“The scammers are likely taking advantage of the iOS Developer Enterprise Program for their campaign, though we have not confirmed this,” says Symantec which further explains that it is the first time the company has seen “a malicious iOS app being used for one-click fraud purposes.”

“If the app is installed on the user’s device, then it tells the user that they have agreed to become a member of the site and demands that they pay 99,000 Japanese yen (approximately US$800) now or 300,000 yen (approximately $2,400) after three days.”

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The app must be to urge the payment of a sum for entry into this group and, according to reports, some users would fall for this scam.

So if you see a strange app that asks you to be installed via the browser, you do not accept his “invitation” unless you’re really sure of the app itself and the developer who created it. Until the will install on your device, the app can not malevolent act and therefore cause damage to your iPhone.

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