New Mercedes Benz A-Class to be Integrated with Siri


To be unveilled on the  Geneva Motor Exhibit subsequent month, one thing different: the brand new Mercedes A-type with siri integration. It is a component of the brand new trendy COMAND leisure machine within the automobile.COMAND Siri used commands for various tasks such as sending an SMS message, create calendar appointments and retrieval of weather information.The settlement is done through the audio system in the car.



With a cheaper price of £16,045 ($21,453), it is unfortunate that former Apple CEO Steve Jobs can no longer witness because he was a convinced Mercedes driver. Though we suspect that he would not find in the entry-level models of the A-class had shown … But there is a solution, because the Mercedes B-, C-and E-Class this autumn get the same support for Siri.


Mercedes is also planning a new Digital Drive Style app out, in which you it will stream  European Panda equivalent AUPEO! Radio service you received. Digital Drive Style also provides support for Facebook and Twitter for writing status updates and navigation software from Garmin. The directions while driving, you hear natuurijk through the car speakers.

Competitor Ford has developed Sync, which on some points it resembles Mercedes' new system. The difference is, however, that use is made of Microsoft technology.


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