Microsoft has unveiled the new in the latest build of Windows 10074 10. It brought back the Aero Glass effect of Windows 7 and improves assistant Cortana.

As part of its Build 2015 conference for developers, Microsoft has provided an update on the progress and news of Windows 10. Following the presentation, a new preview of Windows 10 has been put online. This build 10074 replaces the Technical Preview marking that is on the desktop in Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview. Another change of visual order: the return of Aero Glass. This is a request from many testers and Microsoft will experiment with its presence this build.

Thus, when deployed, for half of the testers, the Start menu will resume the Aero Glass effects that we knew with Windows 7. The other half will have a menu with transparency effect. Still in terms of atmosphere, new sound signatures for events are also added. On the side of Cortana, Microsoft improves the ease of access to the voice assistant and adds new interactions (weather, conversion, flight status, etc.). The new Windows 10 also changes the music-related applications, videos and Xbox. Finally, in addition to correcting malfunctions, this test version also improves the layout options in the Control Panel.

Download the new build of Windows 10

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