Not every voice voice assistant has the same features. Microsoft released a new Windows Phone 8.1 ad where Cortana speech recognition is  superior to Siri when it comes to some features.

The video is a first commercial for Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft has posted on Youtube; it focuses on the voice-controlled AI Cortana assistant .

iPhone 5s vs. Nokia Lumia 635

With the video, Microsoft not only wants to demonstrate that Cortana can do more than Siri; also shows that no high-end smartphone like the Apple iPhone 5s is required to use great feature. The iPhone faced faced up against  Nokia Lumia 635, which is somewhat more of an entry-level smartphone.

Strings used by Microsoft are a bit large, but that does not stop to attract some curiosity about Cortana, including Microsoft is bragging about its responsiveness and speech recognition accuracy.

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