Motorola Improve the RAZR with New Fashions.


With any new telephone come the inevitable enhancements, with producers sticking on that further ‘S’, ‘XT’ or ‘HD’ to persuade customers to improve to the most recent model with quite upgraded hardware or instrument.In Motorola’s case, their Chinese language unlock of the RAZR has been leaked, exhibiting two new RAZR fashions which might be hitting the global market early subsequent 12 months. Let’s take a look on the two new fashions.



This handset, seen on the left side of the picture, doesn’t look much like the RAZR – there’s no Kevlar backing, and the top of the phone is even chunkier than before. The phone sports a massive 13 megapixel rear shooter as well as Dolby Digital Plus certification, which could mean it’d be an excellent choice for playing films on your HDTV and surround sound speakers.

The XT928’s looks seem more in line with the Droid X series, and could easily become the Droid X3.


The MT917 is an even more impresive version of the RAZR, and seems likely to snap up that RAZR 2 or RAZR XE moniker if it sees a worldwide release. It ships with that same massive 13 megapixel rear camera and a 4.5″ HD screen at 720p.

Like the original RAZR, it comes with that Kevlar backplate and a similar size, although it has gained a millimetre of depth and 11 g of weight; not enough to really make it a fat phone by any means.

Unfortunately while these handsets are due to be released in China along with the standard RAZR by the end of the year, you won’t be able to import one for use in the US or EU, as they don’t support the same mobile standards. It looks like you’ll just have to wait out this one — I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some flavour of these handsets early next year.


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