Eclipse utility first paved the way for a new type of modding for iOS 7. Developer Guillermo Moran offered an alternative to the traditional white theme of interface design that proved to be very popular among users of the iPhone and iPad. Now in Cydia,  debuted a new program that includes iOS 7 ” night mode “.

Nin9tyfour programmer developed the concept of a visual style for iOS 7 in an informal application Nightmode. As you know, many settings and program staff in the operating system are very bright. Menu design and dominated by white color, like it is not that many. Especially uncomfortable light background when working with the iPhone and iPad in the evening.

Nightmode works about as well as Eclipse – adds iOS 7 black theme, which can be enabled from the settings . Superstructure bright white color changes to dark UI and font and buttons , on the contrary , makes the light . But unlike the new Eclipse worked better and contains a number of additional options , including flexible configuration interface and keypad tones .

Nightmode supports almost all standard applications , including phone , calendar , photos , contacts and settings , as well as many third-party programs, such as Twitter and BiteSMS. Any application can be added to the exceptions.

To install Nightmode need jailbreak and access to the store Cydia – the program is presented in the form of jailbreak package. Jailbreak for iOS 7 can be  performed with Evasi0n 7 utility tool.

Nightmode Cydia is the standard repository BigBoss. Developer tweak rated at $0.99.

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