New Nike sneakers looks like iPhone 5c cases



Nike announced the restart of sneakers with the name Zvezdochka, at first glance at who have thoughts of covers for Apple iPhone 5c. The same bright color like material similar holes. Funny shoes (or rubber shoes, a kind of analogue of “Crocs”) first appeared 10 years ago and could be accused of plagiarism start a company from Cupertino, but not so simple.

Here is the first interesting fact – design Zvezdochka 10 years ago has developed Marc Newson at the personal request CEO Nike Matt Parker. This is the most iconic designer and friend Jon Ivan, whom Apple hired a few months ago. Here’s the second curious fact – while talking to reporters about Dezeen restart unusual shoes, Newson mentioned that “the appearance of these shoes has generated a lot of other interesting concepts.”

If you add these two facts together, it is very likely that Newson could well develop unusual for Apple design silicone covers for a year before he became part of the team. It is very unusual product looked and literally beaten out beyond the design of any accessories company that it previously manufactured.

What do you think, dear readers, how could Apple quietly cooperate with other designers and Newson in particular during the development of some of their products?

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