New Pictures and Important points on the PsPhone


Once they appeared to have forgotten the so much-rumored PSP Telephone, preserve taking drugs rumors and naturally, pictures of the identical.

New images might be printed as this cellphone and console, which is known as in key Zeus, having two variations, one with Android 2.2 and one with Gingerbread.


You can not get us to forget because it continues to insist on more information and more material of this in just over 24 hours.

Will know more information Phone PSP ( PlayStation Phone ) and the other version can include different compoent.

Now Engadget extends that come with 8GB MicroSD type memory and ROM memory goes to 512MB (not to be 1GB).


The PSP Phone have a profile of about 17 inches, allowing you to be sufficiently "fat" for something new, at least on first impression.

At first impression seems to be the Sony Ericsson Lively, who has gone unnoticed by the European market earlier this year.


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