Virtually per week away ahead of the extremely predicted sixth technology of Apple’s iPhone, the network is crowded with photographs of the alleged members of the future Apple smartphone. As we have said several times, this year’s flight components and related images leaked from the assembly lines of Apple was unparalleled, fueling suspicions even on the double game company.


Speculations aside, these days other photos in high resolution and good quality have appeared on the network and we decided to group them in a single article. Let’s start with iResQ, that after having shown the first component likely iPad mini, offers us some shots of the metal casing of the future iPhone 5.


Nothing new under the sun, shows the inside full of some components such as the engine for vibration, and the side frame on which are housed the volume buttons, slightly farther apart than the iPhone 4/4S, the Mute key / vibration, and the white markings that separate parts of the external antenna, already seen on the cover of the box Apple shown us a preview of a few days ago. Some photographs depict in detail the compartment of the camera on the back of the device and the tray of Nano-Sim, compared with a current micro-SIM.

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