iPhone-5S-back-shell-NowhereElse-001Best a pair weeks away prior to the presentation of the subsequent-gen iPhone, it looks as if virtually day by day different parts and new details emerge about the new upcoming Apple product.

Today, the French blog NowherEelse.fr published photos of the aluminum shell smartphone. Observers note that there is a structural change in the location of technological holes, mounting screws and the main key smartphone. The latter fact is associated with the integration of a new model of a fingerprint scanner.

Rumors that the iPhone 5S will fingerprint sensor, which combines the functions of a button, Home, go for a long time. The first report of such functionality Apple-communicators received in May from the Taiwanese site TechNews, who cited sources in the environment suppliers. Likely that iPhone 5S “Home” button can be a convex shape, and it will not be made of plastic or glass Gorilla Glass, and sapphire.


According to NowherEelse, leak image obtained from a trusted source, which has proved its reliability. The photographs are shown in detail the changes in the internal structure of the iPhone 5S.

Thus, in one of the pictures you can see the modified iron hardware button Home. In the second image shows the location of the screws on the inside of the unit corresponds voiced earlier rumors about the new 12-megapixel camera with dual LED-flash. Furthermore, bloggers have managed to combine images Corps iPhone 5S with another “leak” photos of the motherboard.


Earlier, from Apple’s patents indicated that fingerprint sensor iPhone will be built directly into the surface of the touch screen, but the developers have recently found inside the iOS 7 firmware traces of code, displaying that the scanner will probably be situated underneath the principle button smartphone. So far as the rumors had been actual, we analyze, it appears, already on September 10.

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