Samsung in Australia's first 'Samsung Expertise' opened. The save looks as if two drops of water on the a success Apple Stores. Samsung certainly does not shine with glory after the various lawsuits against Apple, during which Apple was accused of unlined documents and drawings to have been copied.

Today comes a curious video created specifically with the aim of demonstrating that the company "copycat" Samsung looks at the style of corporate stores

The lawyers can add another item to the list of Apple design that Samsung would have copied: the store concept. In Sydney on Thursday the first Samsung Experience Store opened. According to local newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald, the device an "uncanny" resemblance to Apple's own stores, to the packaging and promotional material to it.

The shop has a spacious, clean, almost spartan decor. Only the tables on which the products are displayed white or colored metal and not of pale wood, as in any Apple Store. There is a special help desk smart tutors' (smart instructors) to speak to customers. This is reminiscent of the Genius Bar at the Apple Stores. All employees are recognizable by their blue T-shirts, a "uniform" that Apple used.

The Apple Stores have greatly contributed to the success of Apple. Their worldwide sales last year were $ 16 billion. Per square meter make the Apple Stores in the United States more sales than any retailer whatsoever.


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