New Star Wars Browser Game Turns Your Phone Into A Lightsaber




Three days of ‘The Force Awakens’, the latest installment of ‘Star Wars’ hits theaters, Google launched an application that turns the mobile phone into a lightsaber like the protagonists of the famous saga of science fiction. The free app ‘Lightsaber Escape’ has a first-person game in which the user becomes a Jedi and defended enemy troops moving your phone “smartphone” like a laser sword. To celebrate the last Star Wars movie opening, Google has created a beautiful game via web-browser that allows you to use the iPhone as a real lightsaber.

In “Escape with a lightsaber” you must defeat an army of Trooper using the iPhone as a real sword: on your computer screen you will see your movements and the various enemies, with the iPhone you control the sword with real movements . It is an experiment very nice and well done, that will immerse immediately in the wonderful atmosphere of the epic world of Star Wars. You interact in real time with your iPhone, in a nice first-person game built into WebGL.

To play, type in on your iPhone browser and follow the onscreen instructions.

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