New Supposedly components of the iPhone 5 surfaced


If modifications happening already within the rumor mill with the  Apple new product, the instrument parts are regularly now not a long way away and for the following era iPhone, a few parts  has already  surfaced on-line. A number of weeks in the past, an alleged dwelling button of the new iPhone and the associated micro-SIM tray was spotted.

SW-Box seller has indicated that the future headphone jack and WiFi connectivity for the next generation iPhone is in range and therefore revealed some possible details about the inner components of the device. Because the components show a significant difference to the current to the iPhone 4S device and seem to be completely rearranged. Apparently, Apple wants to use multiple items and doesn't  like the ones on the current iPhone such as the head
phone jack, volume control and the mute switch block in one piece. 
This would allow the  cupertio company to save extra space inside and to come up this time with a thinner phone.

Nonetheless, no solid information from the new components are obtained, because at the moment there are too few facts known about the future device. It was also reported yesterday that Apple still not finished with the  final design of the next generation iPhone  and is therefore perhaps this component might not be used.The coming weeks and months will probably bring even more elements and complete the final design gradually.


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