After years of silence, in which the downgrade to unsigned versions of iOS has been impossible, now the developer of this famous tool launches first beta of what will be the next TinyUmbrella version, allowing users the ability to to save the SHSH and probably again in the future, to downgrade the Apple device.

Notcom is the developer of TinyUmbrella and this has released a new version of the famous program that allows you to save SHSH certificates less recent Apple mobile devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) and, therefore, the possibility of downgrading versions of iOS. In addition, this new version also includes basic functions that the original version of TinyUmbrella included years.

This program will save the SHSH certificates for all the latest devices, including SHSH updates made via OTA, plus also have the option to save the certificates on your Mac, PC. In addition, certificates can be saved with the device connected to the computer or without having it connected, however, to use the second option, the device has to be previously linked with the program. TinyUmbrella operates independently of the state in which the device (DFU mode, etc) .

If you want to download the first beta of the tool to save SHSH files from iPhone and iPad to be able to downgrade to older versions of iOS, then you will find links to download TinyUmbrella for Windows and Mac computers:

Download TinyUmbrella for Mac and Windows  (x86 / x64) and Mac

As mentioned, the release of this new version of TiyUmbrella reopens the doors downgrade iOS and according to what was said by this application developed in the future will see more versions. It is important to note that by the time this project is still in beta and could get really major changes in the future.

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