ICANN is the group that prime-degree domains like. Org and. Com manages. From subsequent yr we get many new ones. As of late introduced the checklist of recent names, together with the firms they want to observe. Apple. Additionally for the appontwikkelaars there are alternatives: the area title. App comes inside a yr. In. Android is just one applicant (to the affiliated agency Google Inc.)

Charleston Road Registry, but. app, there are several parties that the new top-level domain like in possession to have. order to become the owner of the domain name you a minimum of 25,000 dollars per year to pay. In. app you have that money easily earned back by making available to other companies, such skype.app, angrybirds.app or instagram.app.

ICANN is due to the large number of applications (1,930) in groups of 500 treatment. Within a year, all applications are processed, the first top-level domains assigned in the first quarter of 2013 should be divided. The full list can be viewed online . There is also a PDF with more information . The word 'app', short for application, was popularized by Apple's iPhone and its App Store. The approval of the names seems no more than a formality, but ICANN speaks today (the day on which the names are announced and applicants) of a historic moment, a moment when the Internet will forever change.

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