The U.S. operator Verizon Wi-fi is legendary for its aggressive merchandising campaigns quite and none hesitant to compete. The most recent business for the Verizon iPhone four, there no thriller that Verizon is mocking AT&T. The 30-2d business offers shut-up pictures of the brand new Verizon iPhone, calling it “beautiful,” “intelligent” and “genius.” Then it asks, “but does your network… work?


Unlike Verizon, AT&T the iPhone since the beginning offer.Long time, the company therefore has the exclusive on the device in the United States, but with the advent of the iPhone to Verizon's change has taken place.


Unlike the previous commercial, where the arrival of the iPhone, Verizon has announced a ticking clock as a metaphor was used to indicate that it really happens, the iPhone 4 in this new ad actually see. Verizon then let there be no doubt that it was pleased with the iPhone and a little stressed the superiority of the network relative to that of AT&T:

It's beautiful. It's intelligent. Just genius. But does your network work? … Ring … "Yes, I can hear you now." This is America's Largest and Reliable Network. Built so you-can rule the air. "

Link "Yes, I can hear you now" is a reference and nod to a long-running ad campaign for Verizon, which called a Verizon engineer always the phrase "Can you hear me now? Good! ".


This ad is pretty well thought: the end of sentence ( "I Can Hear You Now" ) echoes the advertising campaign for Verizon in the early 2000s, "Can you hear me now?. It focused on the quality of Verizon's network by paying tribute to the 50 employees charged to travel the United States for testing.

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