bitesms8BiteSMS beta 7 tweak , compatible with iOS 7 is available in the repository  BiteSMS 8.0 beta 7 messenger was initially supported by 64- bit CPU, A7, in other words, can properly be used on smartphones iPhone 5s. Release the first beta was held in late December.

BiteSMS advantage is that it allows you to type a new SMS or reply to messages without interrupting the other cases from anywhere iOS 7. This is a complete replacement iMessage. Also quick answers , instant messenger allows you to use a number of other missing in epplovskom messenger functions : voice mail, sending messages on schedule, password lock SMS , avatars , quick insertion of emoticons ready-made templates , signatures .

Updated to version 8.0 application replacement iMessage can run on any device subjected to procedure jailbreak . The new biteSMS has other useful features , including sending contacts from the address book , message forwarding , the ability to delete a single message , send the current location counter number of characters and the number of SMS sent and others.

Download biteSMS 8.0 beta 7 from the repository developers can tweak To add a source , you need to go to Cydia tab Manage, click continue Sources -> Edit -> Add, specify the address of the repository , and then updates the content development to find the tab Search. biteSMS 8.0.1 can be installed on jailbroken devices device running iOS 7.

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