New Wi-Fi 802.11ah HaLow standard offers greater range and lower consumption



The future of wireless connections through the Wi-Fi 802.11ah, called ‘WiFi Halow’ which promises a revolution in the field of the Internet of Things.

Increasingly our home appliances are connected to the Internet; the so-called Internet of Things is imposed slowly but surely. Although they are at a very early age, and errors that are worth considering are first world problems, it seems that the future will be full of Internet connections, for better and for worse.

To be exact, the Wi-Fi 802.11ah, also called WiFi Halow, is a new standard WiFi network operating in the 900MHz band. To give you an idea, today is the 2.4GHz band, increasing the use of 5GHz with the passage of time. The big advantage is that 900MHz is able to get far consuming very little power, something they do not get the two bands mentioned above.. The latter is something I would have liked to come before because in my case, I ended up having a CAT 6 cable through the roof of my house to take advantage of the speed that I have hired 300/30.

Wi-Fi  802.11ah HaLow standard will be the key when it comes to connected households to the internet,and it is something that so far has not reached all the points where it was expected. The problem until now were some electronic devices such as door sensors, cameras connected bulbs or who need to have enough energy to send data over long distances. The current standard does not permit or long-range or reach as far as we would like, not to mention the speed drops on each wall that has to cross the signal.

Halow is says to be compatible with existing protocols Wi-Fi and many devices such as routers, operate in the traditional 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, which opens the door to a lot of new devices compatible with the 900MHz band in the near future.

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