New Windows Phone Unveiling November 7th?


In step with a analysis agency,Microsoft Windows Phone 7 could reach 12% market share in 2012For now, it is not completely won, but the arrival of Nokia leveraging the mobile platform from Microsoft might actually convince some geeks to go to the dark side of the Force (as subjective as it is) . Especially that Redmond could soon unveil a big new thing in any case this is reflected in the invitation sent to press for an event scheduled … on November 7 .


And the question is of course what will announce the firm. New terminals? The arrival of additional partners?The integration of Skype for Windows Phone 7? Porting Drive Nokia and Nokia Music on the platform of the firm? As you can see, these are not assumptions that are missing. Knowing that the invitation states that the company plans to unveil 
"a big thing"
 , we can assume that Microsoft will try to put us in his eyes. 

This applies perhaps also the next update of the platform, namely Tango.What is certain, in any case is that this season has been particularly busy for Microsoft. And that's a good thing, obviously, since we are still remained several months with nothing crunchy us to chew on the side of Windows Phone. Moreover, it would perhaps not an evil if the firm gradually and announcements throughout the year instead of waiting for the end of the year to balance all of its innovations.

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