The Subliminal Hidden Message in Apple Logo

The Apple logo is a bitten apple. Unless you live on another planet, everyone knows that.The very special FBI agent Dana Scully and Fox Mulder

A PlayStation 3? An Xbox 360? Why not both?

This is a mod which should please those who still can not choose between the Playstations and Xbox 360.

Official Steve Jobs biography Expected as early as November 2011

Last February revealed that former Time editor Walter Isaacson is in the first authorized Steve Jobs Biography.

Randi Zuckerberg Leaves Facebook (Resignation Letter)

Randi Zuckerberg, the sister of Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, has decided to leave the social network where she was working as Director of Marketing,

Nintendo 3DS Price to Drop in August for $169

Nintendo has announced a drastic reduction of the selling price its handheld Nintendo 3DS, less than six month...from $ 249 to $169.

GeoHot now works at Facebook

George Hotz - we know more under the pseudonym GeoHot - now works with Facebook .After his feat bootrom Limera1n (still used to date have jailbreak tethered)

Anonymous Hackers: Third Person Arrested in Spain

Anonymous hackers, the famous and group that is behind several attacks especially lethal (virtually speaking). The latter is much talk about him for a while now and this is probably what led authorities from several countries to look a little closer to this organization.

Name of Accountability Brand new Conflict three: the primary teaser[video]

Activision..announcing its new Call of Duty with great fanfare but the next album completely departs from the rule...Modern Warfare 3.

Mr. President, sign my iPad …

  On the occasion of a congress, an American did not hesitate to ask the President of the United States to sign an autograph on his ... iPad. To do so,...

Steve Jobs Among the 42 Richest Americans

Forbes  published a list of 400 richest Americans, including, of course, there is Apple CEO Steve Jobs. He took 42nd place with a fortune of about $ 6.1 billion. Last year his wealth increased...


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The Haitian Quake Explained

The quake hit Haiti just outside of Port Au Prince before 5pm EST yesterday, and several buildings were said to collapse or suffer damages. Screams could be heard after one hospital...

Black Activist Justifies Harry Reid Racist Comments

Clay Claiborne writes in Day-to-day Kos, arguing the next about Harry Reid's racist feedback. What comes under is what Claiborne argues.As a Black activist, there are various issues I may just...

Time Square Ball Drop and New Year’s Eve 2010 Countdown (video)

Time Square Ball Drop and New Year's Eve 2010 Countdown