Newsstand in a Folder with out iOS jailbreaking


iOS 5 comes standard with the kiosk (Newsstand), a service from Apple to newspapers and magazines. It looks like an app, but it shows a separate folder. Therefore it is at first sight impossible to kiosk in another directory to include. Clear is also not possible. The website The Coding Massacre has discovered how the kiosk hid it in a folder with other apps that you rarely use, without jailbreak. 


 Especially on the iPhone is handy, because most smartphone owners will prefer the larger screen of the iPhone to take in hand reading a magazine. The solution is found now works on the iPhone / iPod touch as the iPhone.

You proceed as follows:

  1. Take two apps and merge them into a booklet.
  2. Once the apps in the folder put drag Kiosk / Newsstand quickly go.

Are you fast enough, you can add a folder to Kiosk. Having problems? Then you have a few trials or ask for help from someone who has experienced or vingervlugger.

You can no longer use the app. Kiosk open while sitting in a folder, it will crash. Would you later magazines read by the kiosk, you will weather the icon from the folder to retrieve. Incidentally, this trick also put leaflets in a folder, though they no longer use.


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