Rumors appears to continuously additional details about the new iPhone bring forth, and also at the press day provides new insights in the blogosphere. According to the latest indications of the Korean news site The Korea Times According to Apple's iPhone next-generation will feature OLED technology in order to reduce power consumption and space requirements. In addition, the technology enhances contrast and provides a higher resolution. 

However, the lifetime of OLED displays is usually lower. 
This exclusive information is to receive the newspaper by an anonymous tipster within the Korean company Samsung is well known and have long been important components provides for the Apple product. According to Samsung fallen in the past, Apple has the new OLED displays in their devices to be used. Due to lack of resources and the quality is not perfect, the company from Cupertino had previously decided against it. But could the necessary resources for this transition with the help
of the recently formed subsidiary of Samsung, which is primarily responsible for the production of OLED displays that are guaranteed. In any case, this way the chances have increased enormously.

In addition to an outstanding display especially the LTE capability for many customers is becoming increasingly important. Insert after the release of the new Apple iPad had but a few reviews of the LTE-built module. Because of the fast mobile standard, unfortunately, can only be used in the United States and Canada. In the remaining countries of the world can not benefit the users of the LTE function.

This mistake was corrected, the company from Cupertino iPhone coming in every case. Because in general it is expected that in the new Apple iPhone obstruct an LTE model, and thus supports the new wireless standard. However, it could not be found, whether the future chipset will also support the frequencies of other countries.


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