There is a considerable number of regular rumors on the internet the next generation iPhone smartphone being prepared for release, but another leak was completely unprecedented, because the new iPhone is not able to film anywhere but directly at the factory Foxconn! But the company is able to keep a secret, especially when it comes to Apple products.

The photos are distinguishable in two models: one is similar to the already released, and the second – longer, wider and a little thinner. Apparently, this iPhone iPhone 5S / 6, respectively. The equipment of the latter, presumably, includes five-inch touch screen.

Unfortunately, no one can guarantee the authenticity of the images, for example, in comments to the news source, many say that it’s juggling or, for example, photographed adjusting production line of iPhone 5. On the other hand, a lot of what we see pictures from the production line Foxconn? After comparing, it is nothing. [via zol.com.cn]

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