A brand new Apple patent describes an app referred to as iTravel. This may occasionally enable the iPhone for use as a substitute carrier akin to boarding move, categorical take a look at-in,… The outline attracts many similarities with the brand new app passbook that Apple will characteristic within the upcoming iOS 6. The attention-grabbing is that a few occasions the patent reffered to NFC know-how that’s presently no longer discovered within the iPhone.


Although the patent is very similar to PBS in iOS 6, the app described something different. So there is no patent on the barcode used to identify the user, but one NFC receiver. When used at the airport, the app will show details of a reserved flight and help with baggage claim. Swiping the iPhone against an NFC device should automatically c
heck you in at the airport. The iPhone 4S does not support NFC, but only Bluetooth 4.0 . This would be an indication that Apple is planning on integrating an NFC chip in the next iPhone. This is not the first time this opportunity comes along: in June there was some talk about the new iPhone prototypes featuring NFC.


The patent describes only how an app like passbook can be used while traveling. During WWDC 2012, it was shown that much more i
s possible with the passbook app: so you can store discount cards in stores, so you do not need to keep in your wallet.With the help of the NFC mobile devices to transform a digital wallet that lead to both a short distance to authorize cash payments and is not a full-fledged mobile payment system, but now already for example, codes for tickets, coupons or to store and manage membership cards.


Although the inclusion of NFC in the patent is interesting, we must take in consideration that a patent applied does not always mean that something similar will appear on the market. Since the patent was requested in 2008, there is also another chance now that Apple has abandoned plans for certain PBS.


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