Completely different sources had indicated that the following model of Android be known as Ice Cream, they usually have been nearly proper. In a dialog with Michael Arrington of TechCrunch , Andy Rubin, Android project leader, has clearly mentioned the name Ice Cream Sandwich to designate the next version of Android . 


Major versions of Android are named after dessert, in alphabetical order. It was understood that two successive versions bear the name of a frozen dessert, after the frozen yoghurt (Froyo, frozen yogurt) Android 2.2. But with "Ice Cream", Google would have been difficult … to visually differentiate the symbols of the two versions: nothing looks more like an ice cream.

One reason why very amusing anecdote to finally choose "Ice Cream Sandwich, Specialty Anglo-Saxon and particularly American, if any, ice sandwiched between two wafers, a whole program … Nothing has filtered through cons the number will this version (2.4? 3.0? 3.5?) that seems destined to smartphones, nor on its status vis-à-vis Honeycomb. The latest news indeed wanted here Cream (Sandwich) is the version of Android smartphones that would give the new Android 3.0.

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