We already be aware of that Google will personal the Android Nexus 7 pill and a wise duvet in the marketplace. Much like the iPad Smart Cover, it is possible that Android Google tablet cover might ne controlled with the magnetic shell. Specifically, the built-in Smart Cover Sensorby allowing the display to be on and off. Certainly very useful, I just hope we do not experience any patent disputes because of this function.


Even Google's Nexus 7 can be mixed with a magnetic shell to an idle mode. However, Accessories are yet available from Asus.The function has not been mentioned anywhere, and neither Google nor manufacturer Asus have offered matching accessories. We're talking about a feature, similar to Apple iPad "Good Duvet", beneath which one makes use of a sleeve with a small magnet.

If the case closed, the magnet is detected and the iPad mechanically goes into a snooze mode. If the duvet is opened once more, the iPad goes again up. The query continues to be whether or not Asus already emerged if the legitimate duvet will make use of the Nexus 7. Android Group is of the opinion that these open from proper to left, and due to this fact no longer using this selection will not be an possibility. I'm no longer so positive if that performs a task, as the duvet is opened. In spite of everything, Asus calls them "Sensible Duvet".

The function was once found out on the Nexus 7 from a person who has been enjoying round with a magnet and found out that the Nexus 7 responds neatly to the decrease left as a consequence. Documented the finder characteristic in a video on YouTube.

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